Learning from the Forest (Coexistence)

"If you look at one creature, it might be good at one thing but bad at another. In a different environment, they might be good at a different thing but bad at something else. Living things live together in an environment that they can thrive in. Let’s think about this in terms of our generation. When you think about it, there are people that are good at some things while being poor at others. You begin to understand that this acceptable." -Kenichiro Mogi

Sea Turtles Nurtured on White Sand Beaches

"While I was walking just now, what I thought at first was a flower petal on the ground was in fact the shell of a sea turtle egg. They were born in the summer, and it is now November, so 2 or 3 months have passed. You would think that the shells would have been washed away by the waves, but you can still find pieces on the beach. And you realize again that this is certainly a place where sea turtles are brought to life. " -Kenichiro Mogi