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A Pottery Kiln in Yakushima

In the natural surroundings of Anbo in Yakushima, the Hanii-Gama pottery kiln is used to produce ceramics.

With the sight of Mt. Myojo in the background, and the Anbo River flowing in the rich land below the valley, Yakushima’s firewood (Takigi) is used to create works of deep substance.

When the kiln is burning, I will raise the temperature and have high expectations of the
finished work. However, when I open the kiln, often times the finished product is lacking. But, sometimes the result is better than what I imagined. There are many things that are out of my control, and I find this interesting.
(Masayuki Yamashita, the potter)

Around the end of winter, with the beautiful plum blossoms starting to bloom, we had the opportunity to film the Hanii-Gama pottery for a week.


Hanii-Gama(Hanii kiln)

music: Orchestral suite no. 3 in D major, BWV 1068  2. Air by Papalin