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Yakushima’s Flying Fish

Yakushima is a small island located in the south-west of Kyushu, Japan. But every year, many tourists come here to enjoy sightseeing, hiking, snorkeling and so on. We are trying to spread news and information not only about Yakushima’s nature, but also its fantastic food and culture.

―”Are you filming? The ocean will sway today. Please be patient until the afternoon.”

Before dawn at Yakushima’s Awa Port, the captain quietly fixes the nails. Do not expect the interview to be easy. If we leave the harbor, we will be affected by the typhoon to the north of the East China Sea. A large swell is waiting at sea.

Lacking of sleep, our editors and photographers were prepared at this stage for the 100% probability of being seasick, but we wanted to see with our very eyes how Yakushima’s famous flying fish are caught.

While the light engines sound, the lead ship Kuroshio-maru and auxiliary ship Ayami-maru sail past the embankment, and spring out to sea at dawn.

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