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Kenichiro Mogi’s “From Yakushima with Love”

Yakushima will soon celebrate its quarter-century anniversary since it was designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1993. As the island becomes more well known internationally, it’s seeing an increasing number of foreign visitors. However, what is it about Yakushima that makes it so attractive? Kenichiro Mogi, the influential neuroscientist, travels the island to find out.

“The weather can be extremely challenging. The language barrier can be extremely challenging. But I can’t think of a better place in the world to explore.” – Jennifer Lue, nature guide

“it’s so green here and the air is so good.” – Lukas Gehring, workawayer

“Yakushima is a hidden treasure. If you really want to see amazing nature and real Japanese people who are super friendly you absolutely have to visit Yakushima.” – John Daugherty, teacher


Kenichiro Mogi’s “From Yakushima with Love”

Kenichiro Mogi
Jennifer Lue
Lukas Gehring
John Daugherty

Narrator: Phoebe Amoroso

Special thanks to
PANORAMA Restaurant
Yakushima Ohzora High School